The pandemic has changed the key skills organisations need from their tech team. More and more, businesses are looking beyond hard tech skills and increasing their requirements for professionals that can oversee digital change and provide actionable business insights.

A glance over at our tech jobs page shows that developers and engineers are still high on the list of tech role demands, but 2023 brings new additions.

Here is the list of the top tech jobs in 2023.

Business Analyst.

Business Analysts allow organisations to gather requirements and spot trends. Understanding a business problem requires a professional that can undertake research and analysis. Business Analysts can work in any domain and offer organisations opportunities to maximise their advantages. Business Analysts consider holistic organisational needs. This includes their people, organisational processes, information, data, and of course, technology.

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Project Manager.

Digital transformation means that the demand for professionals able to oversee complex digital projects is as high as ever; project managers topped the top tech jobs 2022 list. Project managers are great plate spinners and excel in communication and leadership across many disciplines and departments.

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.NET Developer.

Developers are in as high demand as ever. .NET developers specialise in building software for Microsoft’s Windows platform. Furthermore, the .NET platform supports cloud infrastructure and programming languages like C# making it easier to integrate IoT, AI & ML, Blockchain, and Big Data in apps and software. Critical for digital transformation projects, the .NET platform allows organisations to embrace many of the top tech trends of 2023.

Top Tech Trends 2023 – Part 1 

Top tech Trends 2023 – Part 2

Data Analyst.

Data is the most single valuable commodity of business in 2023 and so it’s unsurprising that Data Analysts are so high in demand. These professionals take the data information provided by engineers and use it to solve problems and help deliver insights.

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Java Developer.

Java featured highly on our list of top programming languages of 2023. It’s understandable that those who can work with Java will have a range of opportunities in 2023.

Software Engineers.

In demand, software engineers design and create a range of systems and applications for organisations. With so many businesses requiring advances to its systems to reflect changing commercial environments, software engineers are high in 2023 hiring wish lists.

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Data Engineer.

Being able to maximise the insights data can offer will make or break businesses across 2023. Data Engineers build systems to compile data and offer analytics to the right people in the business enabling intelligent and strategic business decisions.

close up of male hands typing on a laptop keyboardping on a laptop

DevOps Engineer.

DevOps streamlines workload by integrating the development and operational arms of organisations. Its efficient methodology has risen in popularity and allows businesses to quickly build and deploy new releases.

Scrum Master.

Scrum masters are effective communicators and experts in agile methodologies. They are critical to digital transformation projects as they can accelerate and sustain the transformation efforts at the front line of work.

Change Manager.

This 2023 tech job is essential for digital transformation. A Change Manager work to oversee the project methodology mostly related to digital transformation. With strong communication skills and a track record of delivering change, these professionals support both the technology and the people amid digital transformation.

Why are these tech jobs so in demand?

Businesses require people that can hit the ground running on projects and work closely with internal and external stakeholders across every department.  Digital work will always need hard tech skills. Developers, DevOps, and Engineers will always be in demand.

However, the shift has been made toward ‘big picture’ thinking, and organisations are requesting an influx of professionals skilled in soft skills, such as communication, analysis, and the ability to look at a problem more broadly.

One key area tech professionals will need to evidence in 2023 is adaptability. The pandemic has changed the landscape when it comes to the skills employers are seeking. The post-pandemic jobs market call more heavily for soft skills and personality traits that support remote and hybrid working.

Are you looking for a new tech job in 2023?

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About the author: As Client Relationship Director, I am responsible for helping grow the new and existing client base of Ignite Digital. I work as a “trusted connection” with my clients and candidates aiming to deliver the best service I can to connect talent to opportunity.

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