Software engineering is a discipline on the cusp of change. Thanks to new technologies and innovations software engineering is predicted to generate 133 million jobs by the end of this year.

With the software engineering space clearly advancing, what can we expect to see more of on the horizon, and what tech jobs will tomorrow’s software engineers be doing?

What does the future hold for Software Engineering?

Cloud-based Services.

Cloud-based services offer increased security, scalability, flexibility and cost savings. Whilst these have always been important, they’ve come to mean so much more in a world changed by the pandemic.  As companies move over to new, flexible working models, many companies are transitioning to cloud-based services as a result.

Sustainability and the climate crisis are high on organisational agenda. Cloud services are an attractive alternative for businesses. Cloud-based services reduce energy usage in powerful computing engines and offer larger digital storage requirements.

Cloud-based services also hold great promise for data-driven organisations. Many cloud services offer analytics; a tool that adds huge value to businesses that depend on data.

In the short term, cloud-based functionality and size are set to increase, just as the cost of cloud-based services decreases. This, as well as its other advantages, are huge motivators for businesses considering a transition to cloud-based services.

The global spending on public cloud-based services is expected to reach $480bn by the end of 2022.  This level of demand has created a mass requirement for cloud engineers. It also ensures that cloud-based services are front and centre in the future of cloud engineering.

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Automation and AI.

For some time, automation is a trend that’s sat in the spotlight.  It’s a sector that is constantly evolving with disciplines like RPA (Robotic Process Automation) getting ever more advanced.

By 2040, it’s thought that machines will be more skilled at producing software code than humans. And in a shorter time frame.  This is likely to mean that human coders will work alongside machine colleagues to produce software.

In competitive markets, workforce automation will boost reliability and productivity and will deliver both higher profit margins and shorter delivery cycles.

AI will become a billion pound industry, not least down to our need for its superior cyber security capabilities.  Programmes are equipped to identify potential threats and abnormal data in seconds whilst also protecting networks from potential cyber threats.

AI can offer a level of assurance to organisations even in cases of cyber attacks.  It has proactive security solutions and is resilient to attacks.  This means that in many cases, AI programmes allow organisations to stay up and running even if an attack were to occur.

In the future, software developers will use AI as a tool to gain new knowledge and help solve software challenges. AI can help developers optimise their processes and produce software of a higher quality.

Cross-platform development.

With today’s consumers working across multiple technology devices that operate differently, today’s market is all about ‘cross-platform’.

Currently, cross-platform development is making some applications and programmes less efficient because of issues around storage and device capabilities.  However, cross-platform development is advancing. It will soon offer faster development with a smaller price tag.  With Cross-Platform Development, costs decrease by as much as 30%.

Cross-Platform Development has secured its place in the future of software engineering with both large-scale organisations and developers alike.

The combination of low cost and low effort makes it a hit with application developers. Cross-platform development allows programmes to reach a wider audience as it’s available across multiple platforms. It is also less likely to run into issues of functionality. The fact it is developed at the same time in a similar manner means it is also more consistent across those platforms.

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Large companies endorse Cross-Platform development. For example, Adobe has invested in its future with its programme. Resources have been ploughed into the Adobe I/O platform that offers more capabilities to software engineers.

Tech 4 Good.

The Tech 4 Good movement emerged in 2013. Its ideology was that technology should only be used for the greater good, helping to ensure that technological innovation is used with the best of intentions.

As the technology sector gets better at being more self-aware and sustainable, the Tech 4 Good movement will play a larger and larger part in the future of software development.

The Tech 4 Good movement will allow companies and governments to offer a positive impact, creating new tech models that will inevitably grow the movement.

The very nature of technology means that new tools and techniques are constantly appearing. As users, software engineers are at the forefront of these changes.

A passion and a genuine love of technology are overriding traits of every developer we’ve ever worked with. Software development is an industry that requires curiosity and a constant desire to “keep up”. The future of software development is exciting, and even among the longer-running sector trends, software development will never stand still. Technology will always keep the keenest of learners needing – and wanting – to know more!

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