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Becky Lowe

Partnerships and Growth Executive

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What do you do?

My role as Partnerships and Growth Executive is varied, interesting and never the same! I ensure the smooth running of the office and the administrative side of the business, allowing the rest of our team to dedicate 100% of their efforts on securing talented candidates for the exciting opportunities given to them by our clients.

And after hours?

I am a proud mum to two lively, football mad boys - so much of my weekends are spent being a goalie whilst they use me for target practice! I love exercising and keeping fit, finding it the best way to relax and wind down at the end of the day. I like to bake and cook when I have the time... allowing me to satisfy that sweet tooth!

What led you to Ignite Digital Talent?

I came to Ignite Digital Talent from a strong retail management background, so this new role is a huge change for me. Ignite Digital Talent has a supportive, inclusive and massively dedicated team whom I hope to learn a lot from. As the world moves ever faster into the digital age, it is an exciting and motivating prospect to be a part of it. I am very proud to be working alongside this talented bunch of people!

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