The role of a recruiter in 2023 is unrecognisable. Today, recruitment is so much more than outsourcing talent acquisition.

The war for talent has never been more hard-fought. With so many employers looking to grow their tech teams, and such a  shortage of available candidates with the required skills, the role of a recruiter has bloomed.

Recruiters are being asked to take on a far more consultative workforce planning role.  A specialist recruiter is in a unique position to offer a service with depth.

At Ignite, we have noticed this shift evolving steadily over recent years but as we emerge from the restrictions the pandemic placed upon hiring, we are busier than ever. Our role has developed since our inception into one of true collaboration and partnership.

Here are just a few ways in which working with Ignite can help you to win the war for talent in 2023.

Ignite can advise on contemporary working models.

Remote and flexible working models are now firm features of employment.

This leaves employers in a tricky situation; some roles just aren’t conducive to long-term remote working. Employers are having to balance the needs of the business with employee satisfaction.  We can discuss these options with you and advise on how you can meet your needs and those of your employees.

Ignite can also advise its clients on the transition to managing and recruiting for a distributed workforce.  Through our detailed and meaningful conversations with candidates, we can bring to the table a wide variety of perspectives that will help to ensure employee satisfaction. This insight can inform your policies and will improve the hiring and retention rates of your business.

Ignite has regional insight.

As businesses begin to recover after the pandemic, leaders’ thoughts have turned to expansion and investment.  One way in which organisations may structure this is to open new sites around the UK.

If organisations are tactical about the geography of their next site, the availability of the people needed may directly inform how swiftly you reach your goals. Our insight into regional candidate distribution means that we can talk location with you, advising where you may find the talent to fuel your growth.

Through your collaboration with us, we can help you make informed decisions based on actual data and insight.  We are aware of where the talent with the relevant skills is abundant.

Ignite will manage expectations – yours and theirs!

Do you have realistic ideas about the time and effort it takes to recruit employees with the necessary skills?  Often, we have spoken to hiring managers who have unrealistic expectations.

Ignite can help you to structure your salary and benefits so that your remuneration is in line with candidate expectations.  Salaries vary dramatically based on skillsets and geography.  We will help you make sure that your offering is realistic.

We can also advise on your candidate experience, ensuring that you work within the time parameters expected by candidates who have these in-demand skills. Candidates are put off by long feedback times, delays between interview stages, and lengthy negotiations.

We will advise what top candidates expect from the hiring process and how you can meet them.

Ignite are tech specialists.

Ignite has built its reputation based upon our professionalism, market insights, and our tech and digital knowledge. Not only do we set ourselves the highest recruitment standards, but we are also industry specialists. We understand the needs of each role and the technology and tools your talent requires to excel.

In the screening stages, we will have meaningful discussions with the applicant before we shortlist. We will only send you those who are true contenders; those candidates who will add genuine value to your business.

Ignite has access to more talent.

The Ignite experience goes beyond filling a staffing gap.  Our candidates become long-standing friends and come back to us time and time again when looking for their next tech, digital, or data opportunity.

We invest in the careers of our candidates. Our interest means we have access to a bank of passive candidates who welcome a conversation with us about further opportunities.  In this age of candidate shortages, our extensive network means your next hire is just a phone call away.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Here are some endorsements from our clients.

“…easily the most professional and supportive recruiter I have ever worked with….was exceptionally helpful in guiding me through a hiring process. I have dealt with many recruiters in the past as a hiring manager and I would have been happy if they were even half as good as Tony at Ignite!”

“I have worked with Tony and Ignite, both while looking for a new role and when looking for new employees, and have found him to be a consummate professional providing excellent advice and service with a strong technical understanding of what is required in each role.”

“I have dealt with many people from the recruitment industry over the past ten years, but have never encountered the likes of Tony and Ignite. What sets him apart is his genuinely friendly yet utterly professional approach. This, coupled with his deep knowledge of the industry he serves, enables him to forge the networks required to match potential candidates to the appropriate positions. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for an excellent employment fit.”

Like what you read? Do you need our help to build your tech, digital, and data teams in 2023?

Get in touch today to hear about how Tony and the team at Ignite can help you!

About the author: I manage the recruitment for a range of digital roles for my clients on both a retained and contingency basis. I specialise in senior and confidential appointments, always giving a first class representation of a client’s employer brand.

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