The advances in robotics and AI has the potential to leave some mortal job roles redundant.   So if robots are doing these jobs, what may humans be doing instead?

Experts are offering continuous reassurance that robots won’t take over the world! In fact, our anxieties can be settled by the fact that machines will create new roles that do require the human touch.

Here are some tech roles that humans can expect to be doing by the end of the decade.

Tech jobs that require a human touch.

Junk Data Engineer.

Junk Data Engineers will identify unused data inside organisations, clean it up and feed it into Machine Learning Algorithms to uncover hidden insights.  Even old data has the potential to be useful if treated in the right way.  Junk Data Engineers will be invaluable to organisations as they turn data trash into data treasure.

Cyber Attack Officer.

Where once wars were fought out on battlefields, experts predict that future warfare will be conducted digitally.  Cyber Attack Officers will be responsible for both defending their nation’s infrastructure, and if needed, attacking those of their country’s adversaries.

Voice UX Designer.

Research data suggests that voice interfaces that reflect a person’s dialect and individual speech traits tend to be more effective.  These professionals will be tasked with transposing AI voice platforms. They will tailor an “optimal” dialect and sound that’s most pleasing to each of us.

Business Behaviour Professionals.

This role will rely on employee data gathered by sensors and biometric technology in the workplace. These professionals will use performance data, emotional data, and interaction data to analyse employee behaviour.

Organisations can then be led by the information to create and drive strategies that will improve employee engagement, productivity, and well-being.

Algorithm Bias Auditor.

Across all departments, businesses are relying more heavily on AI. With this, comes a corporate responsibility that the algorithms at the heart of the AI are fair, legal, and ethical.

Algorithm bias professionals will work to ensure that new and existing apps and systems meet these boundaries.  They will also be tasked with establishing guidelines and compliance methodologies that employees across the organisation can easily understand and follow.

Cyber Disaster Forecasting.

It’s becoming more and more important to be able to predict digital disasters on the horizon in the mid to long term.

Large organisations and individuals alike will need to protect themselves, create defences, and become more resilient against cyber attack.

Cyber disaster forecasting will detect, monitor, and forecast cyber threats. These professionals will have the skills to predict their impact, guide us on how we can prepare for them, and how we can best mitigate their effects.

Machine Risk Officer.

The world of AI is unknown and will present unique challenges that humanity has not yet experienced.  Machine Risk professionals will manage the potential risks when Intelligent Machines fail. They will also work toward establishing human/machine trust, while protecting a company’s brand, reputation, and finances by addressing ethical issues.

Subscription Management Specialists.

Ownership is increasingly being replaced by subscriptions. A Subscription Management Specialist will create frameworks of linked subscriptions intended to advance customer familiarity and loyalty and create a direct sales channel.

Flying Car Developer.

If you are a high-net-worth individual, the next 5 years could see you the proud owner of a flying car.

Aerospace engineers and car engineers will use the next decade to work to make flying cars a feature of the skies.

Professionals with qualifications in engineering, software development, aeronautics, battery technologies, and materials development will work to take prototypes through to commercial development.

Haptic Interface Designer.

Professionals in this role will have the ability to program responsive textures to maximise the impact of outreach campaigns.  Haptic interface designers will identify which wearable and touch-surface platforms work best to advertise a brand or product and enrich the customer experience.

Machine Personality Design.

Roles within the discipline of Machine Personality Design will give a unique character and voice to digital products or services.  These designers will expertly inject the voice of the customer into the machine personality brief by capturing the likes and dislikes of the customer.

These roles will also be tasked with ensuring a consistent brand experience across all automated touchpoints.

Virtual Identity Authentication.

Researchers have already created AI tech that can create realistic audio and video from any media clipping.  Fake news and deep fake content are on the rise on the web. There will soon be a need for defensive roles to create digital watermarks of authentication and prove the veracity of someone or something.

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