Digital transformation efforts have increased the need for a joined-up approach between IT systems and business operations.

This partnership has increased the requirement for skilled technology professionals who can act as a bridge between a company’s business and IT operations.

What does an IT Business Systems Analyst do?

IT Business Systems Analysts ensure an organisation’s technology solutions and business goals align. This enables the organisation to meet the needs of both its customers and employees.

The responsibilities of an IT Business Systems Analyst include,

  • the installation and testing of new systems
  • translating user and systems requirements into functional IT specifications

What skills and qualifications does an IT Business Systems Analyst need?

An IT Business Systems Analyst needs a strong mix of technical expertise and business acumen.

When employers want to hire an IT Business Systems Analyst, there are some core skills and qualifications they are looking for.


An IT Business Systems Analyst will need a bachelor’s degree in a related subject such as computer science, information systems, or business administration.

If the work involves using complex business systems, you may also require a master’s degree in computer science with a specialisation in business systems.  Holding an MBA (Master of Business Administration) could also be an advantage. It will demonstrate that you understand, and can solve broader business problems.

Analytical skills.

If you’re aiming to become an IT Business Systems Analyst, you should be able to analyse the current organisational processes and systems to identify any problems. You will then use your analytical thinking to identify opportunities for improvement and then present this information clearly and concisely.

Technical expertise.

Depending on the industry and role, you will need to have a strong understanding of various systems and technologies. This includes database querying and manipulation tools like SQL and Oracle. You will also need a solid knowledge of business intelligence software such as Tableau and Qlik Sense. In addition, an understanding of CRM software like Salesforce and Dynamics would be an advantage.

Market awareness.

If you are working as an IT Business Systems Analyst contractor, you’ll need to be able to hit the ground running. Normally if you go into an organisation as a contractor, you will have a particular deliverable to fulfil.  This means you’ll need to be a fast learner who can acquire a deep understanding of an employer’s business and industry quickly.

Communication skills.

Being an IT Business Systems Analyst, will require you to communicate effectively with people at all levels of an organisation.

You will need to be able to use plain language to deliver technical concepts to non-technical people.  Your excellent communication skills will ensure you collaborate effectively with other stakeholders such as project managers, other IT professionals, and external vendors.

Active listening will also be essential. You will need to gather requirements from across the organisation, and then interpret this information into business cases for interpretation by your technical colleagues. Your ability to convey this critical information will ensure that each solution improves efficiency.

Project management.

As an IT Business Systems Analyst, you’ll be required to get involved in different areas of the project.  You’ll need to meet many Project Manager type responsibilities. This includes time management, coordinating with colleagues and ensuring that projects stay on track and meet their goals.  You’ll need to be resilient and adaptable and responsive to change.

Are you looking for a new IT Business Systems Analyst job?  If you are, it’s a great time to be looking.  As businesses become more reliant on technology for their everyday business operations, the demand for tech-savvy problem solvers who can handle complex digital projects is on the rise.

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