Today’s job market is tight. Candidate scarcity means that even the top companies are vying to catch the eye of skilled job seekers. Job vacancies have never been more abundant, starting salaries have never been higher and benefits packages have never looked more appealing.

So in this abundant and fruitful landscape, how can job seekers stand out to recruiters as they look to fill these juicy roles?

Here are some tips on how you can work your way to the top of a recruiter’s “To Call” list.

How can I stand out to recruiters?

Prioritise your personal “brand”.

To stand out for all the right reasons, you should make sure your online ‘self’ presents you in a good light.

You can do this by

Employers and recruiters will check you out on social media before inviting you for an interview or submitting your CV. Poor online representation suggests immaturity, unprofessionalism, and irresponsibility. Brands want people who can align with their values, so you need to make sure you present yourself as someone you would want to hire.

Focus your efforts.

Recruiters receive masses of applications for every job they advertise. Savvy jobseekers will focus their efforts on the jobs they are qualified for. While ambition is to be commended, you don’t want to keep being flagged up as unqualified.

You can focus your efforts by

  • Target your applications to the roles you are qualified to do and that are related to your skills and experience.
  • Tailor your CV to fit the jobs you want by highlighting the experience that’s relevant.
  • Optimising your CV including the keywords in the job ad.

Demonstrate knowledge.

Jobseekers that can demonstrate industry knowledge will automatically stand out from the crowd.

You can do this by

  • Writing blogs and sharing/adding the links to your CV
  • Share articles on LinkedIn
  • Add measured and insightful comments on other’s posts
  • Be active in professional networking groups on LinkedIn

Keep contact details up to date.

It sounds like such a basic error, but you’d be surprised at how many job seekers have incorrect (or no!)  contact details on their CV. It’s unlikely that a busy recruiter will take the time to uncover your contact details, so make sure you don’t add any needless hurdles to jump over.

Always be learning.

The world of tech moves so quickly.  Tech job seekers should always demonstrate an eagerness to learn and keep up to date. Forward-thinking businesses require employees with today’s tech skills and the skills they’ll need tomorrow. Progressive thinkers create future-proof businesses.

Show tech recruiters you are a candidate of tomorrow by

  • Keeping a record of your continuous learning
  • Highlighting on your LinkedIn profile or CV if you are currently taking a class or studying for a qualification.
  • Keeping your professional qualifications up to date on your CV


In this age of recruitment, we have moved further away from assessing candidates purely on academic qualification credentials. Cultural fit is crucial! With this in mind, every employer and recruiter looks favourably on volunteerism. That you have chosen to do unpaid work to help others is a good indication of your character. It’s a clear message that you will be a person who will be great to have on board.

You can showcase any out of work activities by

  • Posting on your social media
  • Adding the details to your CV

In sum.

Evolutions in recruitment have meant changes for job seekers. AI, Big data, and even VR have emerged as major players in the recruitment landscape. These innovations have changed the way recruiters and employers work throughout the candidate journey.

Despite these changes, jobseekers can still highlight their skills, knowledge, and personal attributes to stand out to recruiters. Those that do the work on their CV and personal brand will reap the benefits, and make steady headway as they transition roles throughout their career.

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About the author: I manage the recruitment for a range of digital roles for my clients on both a retained and contingency basis. I specialise in senior and confidential appointments, always giving a first class representation of a client’s employer brand.

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