With so many tech job boards scattered around the internet, it can be tricky to know where to look to find your next job opportunity. Is that website worth looking at? Where are the best job boards? Finding a job is a full-time job in itself. Luckily, there are tech job boards out there which are 100% dedicated to jobs in the tech sector. We have done our research and used our wealth of industry knowledge to compile some of the best tech job boards out there.  

The Tech Job Boards List:

Specialist Tech Job Boards:

Unicorn Hunt
Scrum Alliance
CW Jobs
IT Job Board

Tech Job Boards for Startups:


Job Boards for Contractors:


Tech Job Boards, The Big Hitters:

The Guardian

Using Social Media to Find Your Next Role:

Linkedin Jobs

Specialist Tech Job Boards:



This tech job board is a treasure trove of tech jobs.  It is the #1 platform for developer and tech jobs in London. Candidates apply directly to the employer, of which there are more than 750 industry leaders to choose from.  

Big brands that use this platform include Sky, Deliveroo and The BBC to name just 3. The job board offers quick links to jobs according to specialism and covers the full spectrum of tech opportunities.



This tech job board broadens opportunities for candidates.  It goes beyond London, and branches out into the tech hotspots of Germany and The Netherlands.  

Not only is it a space where candidates can search for their next role, but it is a community which allows tech professionals and developers a global insight into the industry.  

The platform allows candidates to submit their ‘dream job’, meaning that Workshape can provide matches straight away.  They can then also send notifications to candidates in real time when compatible jobs go live. There are no recruiters involved, so candidates are able to start conversations with companies directly.  



This job board has been designed with developers in mind and promises to put developers first.  Indeed, they pledge that there will “never be recruiter spam or … fake job listings on our site”.  Developers are encouraged to tell their ‘story’. This career history is designed to accelerate ‘candidate to job matches’ and get job seekers in front of relevant employers ASAP.  

Candidates are able to seek jobs in over 100 countries and explore opportunities to work remotely as well as visa and sponsorship options.  

The salary calculator function holds increased relevancy.  It has been compiled using data from developers themselves.   Job seekers are able to refine salary fluctuations according to the role, location, educational level, years experience and technologies used.   

Possibly the most user-friendly element of this tech job board though is the community feel it advocates.  A forum functionality allows developers to post questions and provide answers to those of others. This is extended further, as users can actively search for each other personally.  This offers a real opportunity to extend networks through meaningful connections.



Formerly known as The IT Job Board, dice.com allows job seekers to search tech jobs according to job title, skills, keywords, company name and location.  

Additionally, for international candidates, it has sites for the German and US markets.  

Those wishing to sign up to Dice will receive the opportunity to be discovered by top employers, receive customised opportunities and enjoy quick job application options.

There is also a wealth of career advice, a salary predictor and the opportunity for candidates to explore career growth opportunities. The ‘Dice Skills Centre’ lifts the lid on different technologies and highlights the skills candidates will need to explore particular career paths within the sector.

Candidates can also enjoy industry news, views and salary surveys, all of which are explored within ‘The Dice Report’.



Jobbio is a free and private tech job board used by over 5000 companies, and some very notable ones at that. Deliveroo, Airbnb and Shazam are all brands that advertise here.

Job seekers create a bio which showcases who they are and what they do.  The result? You can be more than just your CV. The bio is fully private, and no one can view it without permission.  

Users can also take a very ‘social’ approach to their job search through company ‘follows’ and searches by hashtag.  

Jobbio also offer a really slick blog page and their ebook library is a great feature, offering downloadable publications full of new research and industry insights.

This is a great site which is incredibly user-friendly and industry relevant.



One of the many beautiful things about being a techie, is the scope for remote working.  So whilst Underdog may not be relevant to every UK job seeker if it is remote work you are after then it’s great.

Alongside some well-established brands, this tech job board services those awesome start-ups that are blazing their own trail in San Francisco, New York and beyond.  

They are a discerning bunch who work with only the best tech companies. Indeed, they state that they turn away about half of those companies who apply to them.

Users fill out just one form, simplifying the whole job application process. Candidates can make direct connections with decision makers and founders, putting you in the right place to push your career forward.



GitHub has over 9 million users and is the world’s most popular Git repository hosting service.  Did you know it also has a job board?

This tech job board has a global reach, with jobs listed in locations such as The Netherlands, the US, Germany and London to name but a few.  In the main, the jobs listed here are full time and on location.

However, there are some which tick the ‘remote working’ box.

Unicorn Hunt:


Unicornhunt.io is a job board with a serious bias for tech role. Job seekers can either take a broad approach to their search by browsing all or the most recently posted jobs.  

Alternatively, a comprehensive and exhaustive menu is offered where you can refine by skill, a particular stack or specialism.

The site is incredibly easy to use and should you hit on a role that interests you, you are offered ‘more like this’ at the close of the description.  You never miss an opportunity.

Scrum Alliance:


Agile environments right, we’ve all heard of them! Agile Careers is a tech job board that is owned by Scrum Alliance, the largest and most well established professional membership organisation in the Agile community.  

Scrum Alliance offer certification and training paths but are not a training organisation. Instead, they aim to inspire and enable their members on to great career paths.

Their job board is the only one dedicated to connecting scrum and agile organisations with passionate and qualified Agile professionals.

Agile jobseekers can become a member of the Scrum Alliance and become part of the inclusive community.

The jobs available to browse are US based in the main, however, UK job seekers are able to refine their search for jobs closer to home!



The home for tech jobs, this site caters for both permanent and contract roles.  With almost 11,000 listed jobs and 900 hiring companies, this site gives tech professionals a great springboard into new opportunities.  

CWjobs is part of the “Total Jobs” family, and as such has a pedigree that can be trusted by jobseekers. Candidates can manage their job search easily from desktop and portable devices once they have downloaded the slick new app.  

Also on offer are a range of candidate resources, up to date job notifications and a targetted alert system.

It Job Board:


ITjobboard.net is one of the UK’s leading job sites and attracts thousands of tech jobseekers every month.  Users are able to register their CV and search jobs based on location, skill set and by keyword.

Additional services include personalised job alerts and an up to date blog with industry relevant posts and advice for job seekers looking to progress their tech career.  



Technojobs have been online since 1999 and are an award winning IT and tech job board. They host almost 11,000 permanent and contract vacancies for some leading and very interesting organisations.  

BP, Jaguar and even MI6 hire from here! Alongside all the usual search options available, job seekers can access the latest news, views and candidate advice from across the entire tech and IT ecosystem.



PurelyIT allows tech job seekers to search for contract and permanent jobs by location, industry specialism and job type.  There is also the option of signing up for personalised job recommendations via email.

Their “career tools” tab takes job seekers to a well-resourced page, including a career bookshop, CV services and on track video training.



While there aren’t masses of UK based tech jobs, Hired has become a major disruptor in the US and we are confident that it will soon extend its reach across the Atlantic!

Users create a profile and through the use of some AI wizardry, job seekers are matched with relevant job vacancies.  Once you begin to make connections with possible employers, you are assigned your very own talent advocate who will guide and advise your job search.  

Its intuitive and personalised dashboard means that multiple offers can be compared side by side ensuring that you make the right decision for you based on all the variables each package has to offer.

It also boasts a huge library of candidate support through the blog and resource tabs, not to mention a host of success stories through which candidates can draw hope!

Tech Job Boards for Startups:



If it’s a tech job in an exciting startup you are after, then Angel.co is the tech job board for you.  Creating a private profile allows job seekers to apply for jobs confidentially meaning that your current boss cannot see you are applying elsewhere.  

Another unique feature of angel.co is that candidates are able to view salary AND benefits up front prior to application. They are then able to compare jobs according to salary using the salary calculator tool.  

For those techies who are happy to look after the job search themselves, angel.co don’t allow recruiters, so there are no middlemen. Direct applications to hiring companies only!

If they wish, job seekers can also sign up to weekly newsletters, meaning that new tech jobs land straight in your inbox.

There is also the opportunity to take your job search one step further.  Stellar candidates have the opportunity to go beyond the velvet rope and join the A-List…a platform for the top 1% of those on AngelList.  

These professionals are sought out and are then pitched to by VPs, CEOs and founders at the world’s best startups

For those candidates who wish to stay ahead of the game, the angel.co blog is a treasure trove of industry hacks, news and announcements.  



Workinstartups.com does what it says on the tin!  techies interested in this sector can find job opportunities here that cover all types of technical roles within the startup market.

 As well a huge variety of jobs covering the whole digital ecosystem, their blog is a mine of information dedicated to making it in the startup industry.  

A weekly newsletter is also on offer, ensuring that the latest jobs come directly to you. You’ll never miss an opportunity!

Tech Job Boards: Freelancers & Contractors.

If you are a freelancer or contractor, we have a couple of tech job boards that are designed for your needs.



Exclusively for IT and tech contractors, this site holds a wealth of information.  

By signing up, contractors become visible to recruiters and hiring companies whilst being able to browse thousands of live contracts.  

There is so much on this site, it is difficult to begin to list it.  

‘Contractor services’ offers all you’d need to know about starting a contract career.   It covers accountancy services, insurance and IT training opportunities, to name but a few.  

The ‘contract hub’ is a networking space with advice and news from contracting experts and industry leaders.  The “IT Contractors” tab on the header gives a fully loaded list of life as a contractor…even offering advice on what to do while you are not in a job!  

Their hashtag #workhardplayhard definitely rings true.

A must visit for tech contractors.

Tech Job Boards, The Big Hitters:



Adzuna is a very popular job board with an international footprint of 16 countries. This job board has been around since 2011 and is certainly worth having a scan for your tech job search.



This is the world’s largest job aggregator, and as such holds a wealth of tech jobs.  Job seekers can enter search terms based on job title, keywords and location to streamline their search.  

Users can upload a CV and create an account, allowing them to read company reviews and search competitive salaries according to sector, job title and location.  

They also offer out a great blog of candidate resource which is both informative and helpful.



Another household name, Reed.co.uk is a definite ‘go-to’.  Not only do they offer job seekers advanced search options, they are also very candidate focussed.  

Their blog is great and holds some really useful articles aimed at candidate development and improvement.  Hit on the ‘courses’ tab, and you can view an extensive range of free, discounted and university courses wherein candidates can improve their prospects.  This site takes care of the candidate in a very holistic sense.



Techies could do worse than head to jobsite.co.uk.  This job board seems to have pinpointed the true areas of tech and digital growth.  

Their home page allows you to directly access jobs in both Bristol and Manchester…both of which are well known for their tech and digital prowess.  

Jobsite have a global reach, so if it is an international change you are looking for, you can head to a page you can trust in an unknown market. Head to the footer of the home page for the links to their worldwide partner sites.



Another well-known name, Jobserve is a job board which has a vast reach into tech opportunities.  Candidates are able to get very specific with regard to sector, region and salary, while contractors are able to specify an hourly rate, accurate to the nearest £10 an hour!  

Featured jobs are easily located and accessed which makes the site user-friendly and easily navigable. The “courses” tab directs techies toward opportunities for learning and to boost their CV.  

A great resource if you are a recent graduate, new to the industry or returning to work after a period of time out.

CV Library: 


CV-library is the UK’s fastest growing job board.  Job seekers are able to register their CV and refine their job search across the usual range of variables.  Candidates are also able to access career advice and be directed toward learning courses aimed at extending their skills.   An app is also available ensuring that job seekers are always alerted to vacancies that may be a good fit.

Guardian Jobs: 


This well known job board has a tagline that it “inspires careers”, and points users toward developing their skills.   It advertises mainly London based jobs from some notable leading industry names. Award winning career advice is also available to its subscribers.  



Monster.co.uk is just that…a huge platform offering out both national and international jobs to candidates.  By creating an account, job seekers are offered a 360 approach to their job search. Job search can be refined down to a number of variables, ensuring that candidates are sent targeted jobs according to their search criteria.  

Career advice and helpful hints are offered out through the blog.  In it, candidates are given CV and interview tips alongside a salary calculator ensuring that skills and expectations are up to date within each given industry.



Glassdoor.co.uk offers to “find a job that fits your life”.  It is a massive resource for candidates. Not only can job seekers search through millions of jobs, but they are able to read the reviews of over 600,000 companies worldwide.  Candidates are able to assess their salary using a personalised salary calculator. There is an extensive blog with huge amounts of information to help job seekers improve their performance at interview and preparation skills. It is a total 360 experience that is one of the fastest growing jobs and recruiting sites.  It’s easy to see why.

Using Social Media to Find Your Next Role:

LinkedIn Job Search 


It would be totally remiss of us to leave out the world’s biggest professional social networking site.  

Quite apart from being visible to recruiters and hiring managers alike, candidates are able to actively search for tech jobs by location, keyword or company.  Jobseekers can see jobs based on their skills and experience. They have an extensive help centre full of juicy candidate resource aimed at boosting your chances of finding and landing the perfect tech job.



Social media ‘listening’ is another strategy that tech pros may like to employ to search for their next tech job.  Although this is not a job board per se, clever tech pros cannot ignore the reach of a hashtag or two.

Use a professional sounding twitter handle and get following your target companies, leading figures within those companies and specialist tech recruiters.  

High priority jobs are shouted out on Twitter as a matter of course, so by doing so, you will gain invaluable insight as to the hiring opportunities within your target organisations.



The chances are that Slack has become a key element of your office communications, but did you know that it can also help you seek out your next tech job?

It has over 400 public communities centred around masses of topics from javascript to cryptocurrency.  In recent years, these communities (or, ‘Workspaces’) have become a candidate talent pool for tech roles in particular.

Many Slack workspaces have a particular channel for jobs where hiring managers, internal recruiters and agency recruiters will post their vacancies.

Additionally, Slack has got into the job board game with their new feature “Slack at Work.” Slack at Work allows paying Slack users to post up to x3 jobs free. This has not yet been widely adopted in the UK, however, the feature has loads of potential!

The Tech Job Boards of the Future…

Google for Jobs.

While this isn’t one for right now, it soon will be! Tech giant, Google is making in-roads into recruitment.

All you will need to get started is to type ‘jobs’ into an empty Google search bar and a box labelled “jobs” will pop up beneath the bar itself.  

Candidates will then add words to a search in order to refine it. Jobseekers will be able to search by location, industry, specialism, company date posted throughout each search.

The AI software will then pull in its results from a wide range of different job sites while eliminating duplicate jobs, meaning that candidates will never see the same job twice.  

Jobseekers can manage their efforts by turning on a “job alerts” function to have new relevant jobs sent over to their inbox.

Once candidates see something that tickles their fancy, they are then directed to back to the original posting, however, and cannot apply through Google itself.

Although this is not yet available in the UK, however, there are ways to test the platform out before it is rolled out. We are sure it won’t be long before jobseekers “just google it”!



A new competitor is emerging to take a nibble at LinkedIn’s social media dominance. Although the platform is only just entering it’s testing phase you never know where this new platform might do for your future job search.

Just one more thing…

Ignite Digital Talent:


Additionally, Ignite Digital Talent always have a fine selection of tech vacancies from our fantastic clients. So take a look at the Ignite Digital Job Portal, you might find your next big opportunity! 

About the author: As a founder of Ignite Digital Talent, I lead our brilliant team to ensure we deliver time and time again for our clients. I also stay closely networked with industry influencers to ensure we are well placed to understand the issues and challenges our clients face.

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