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Written by Tony Parish 06/10/2017

Tony Parish

This Week in Digital - 06 October 2017


Shoreditch Named World’s Most Expensive Technology District

Nestled comfortably between the boroughs of Hoxton and Bishopgate lies Shoreditch – the London home of many innovative and entrepreneurial tech startups. It emerged this week that recent research just named Shoreditch as the world’s most expensive tech district when it comes to renting prime office space. At an average of £67.80 per square foot, it beat the likes of Brooklyn, NoMa in Washington DC and Bangkok’s Central Business District to take the crown.

It is believed that pricing can be attributed to the abundance of venture capital being thrust at startups over the past 6 years. Indeed, during this time, the startup-heavy sectors of tech, media and telecoms have overtaken finance as the largest source of office demand in London. The heavy price tag exemplifies just how much these creative firms value having office space in our capital.


Silicon Square

Silicon Square in Shoreditch (Image from City AM).


To retain this prowess, however, London must continue to attract and maintain the top tech talent in the world – something over which Brexit casts a gloomy shadow. With uncertainty over Brexit negotiations, it is unclear how visa entitlement will work for candidates from overseas. Protecting our thriving tech industries needs to be at the heart of the Government’s priorities whilst discussing our exit package from the EU.

Ignite Digital Talent has had the privilege of supporting and placing top talent at many startup companies in recent years and is excited to read that a London address is valued so highly. Are you an employee at such a venture? What are your experiences of working in such an inspiring and progressive setting? How do you think Brexit will affect London’s status among the startup culture? We’d love to hear… as always, please leave your thoughts below.


Shopify Introduces Instagram Integration

Ecommerce solutions provider Shopify already offer Facebook, Buzzfeed and Messenger as sales platforms to their users, but they announced this week that they are to add another sales channel to their already broad social media offering. They are to join forces with Instagram in the run-up to Christmas and will open up an integration facility to thousands of its merchants after testing this feature for much of 2017.


Shopify Facebook Integration

Shopify already integrates with Facebook (Image from Shopify).


If this initial trial proves a success, Shopify will then accelerate the rollout of the feature to a much wider pool of users which will include hundreds of thousands of stores and sellers. Such a feature will be a lucrative opportunity for many users, as it will enable a store to tag a product for sale and for a consumer to then go on to purchase that product inside of the Instagram app – instead of having to divert outside of the platform. Customer conversion rates are therefore expected to improve.

We love to multi-task at Ignite Digital Talent, and we are looking forward to getting a bit of Christmas shopping done as we scroll through our Instagram feed! That being said, we feel this will only fuel our impulsive buying tendencies! Great for avoiding the shops at the weekend… not so great for our bank accounts, however!


All of Yahoo’s 3 Billion Accounts Affected by Hacking

A report in December 2016 saw Yahoo disclose the details of a hack that had taken place over 3 years before. Even at this time, it was described as the “largest breach in history” as it was reported that data from 1 billion accounts had been affected by the 2013 breach. However, it would appear that a further investigation has uncovered the full scale of the attack.

On Tuesday, Yahoo disclosed that in fact all of their 3 billion accounts had been affected in some way, thereby tripling the original estimate. The company were quick to mention that many of these accounts were inactive, or had not been used for some time. Nor did the stolen information include passwords, payment card details or bank account info. They will now go on to notify the account holders who had not already been informed.


Yahoo! Headquarters

Yahoo! first reported the breach in 2013 (Image from Marketing Land).


The breach has certainly been a costly one, both financially and professionally, for certain employees high up in the Yahoo food chain. The former CEO, Marissa Mayer was forced to give up her 2016 cash bonus in the wake of the breach. Top company lawyer Ronald Bell resigned in the aftermath of this and other breaches. Additionally, to rub salt into an already bleeding wound, 43 consumer class action suits have been filed against the company as a response to the hack.

Cases such as these pave the way for further discussion about the implementation of GDPR next May and how companies, large and small, can protect themselves against security attacks. The implications for failing to protect held data will be costly, both financially and in terms of professional reputation. Preparation will be vital if businesses are to survive the legislative changes that 2018 will bring.


“You’re Fired!” – Week 1

We’d only had just time to recover after all the excitement from Google’s big reveal on Wednesday afternoon, when it was time to sit down with our talent solutions and recruitment hats on to enjoy the launch of the most public recruitment process around. The Apprentice 2017, and the race for Lord Sugar’s £250k investment, had begun and the new candidates did not disappoint. Among the usual mix of entrepreneurial business owners, we have a range of candidates who fall into our area of expertise.

This week’s task was one of profitability and the two teams of candidates had burgers to make and sell! It was fair to say that the girls outperformed the boys who seemed to run into problems at every turn… labelling, location and timing being just three! They appeared to lack leadership from Danny, their Project Manager, with the result being a definite case of too many chiefs! The girls’ more organised and “wholesale” approach, especially at the tail end of the task, stood them in good stead – they went on to make a profit, unlike the boys who ended on a considerable loss. The girls were sent on their way to enjoy a veggie feast and bask in their success, whilst the boys disappeared into the Bridge Cafe to lick their wounds and turn on each other like a pack of hungry hyenas.


The Apprentice 2017

This year’s candidates (Image from Daily Express).


After a further debrief from Claude and Karen, Lord Sugar called Danny and his boys back into the boardroom where more clamouring ensued, culminating in Danny choosing Charles and Elliot to be his wingmen in the final boardroom showdown. Charles narrowly missed the axe and, at one point, he certainly looked like the favourite for the chop – but it was Danny and his poor leadership that got the final finger point and the iconic “you’re fired” from Sir Alan.

Last week, we pitted Ross as our marketable candidate, and we stand by that. His tactic of “give them enough rope…” certainly worked last night and we can’t wait to see how he performs in a more ambitious role. 17 remain, and if the snapshot of next week’s episode is anything to go by it looks like it’ll be entertaining as the teams take on an interior design hotel makeover task. We’ll let you know how they get on!

Written by Tony Parish

Tony Parish

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