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Written by Tony Parish 01/12/2017

Tony Parish

This week there has been a new peak on the Bitcoin rollercoaster ride (standard), a slew of social media features, Deliveroo lunch boxes, no more smartphone snooping on the daily commute and more on The Week in Digital.


4G on London Underground by 2019

Commuters will either love or hate it, but following a trial involving 4 of the major network providers, Transport for London have unveiled their plans to unleash 4G mobile coverage on the London Underground in 2019.  No longer will you have an excuse about why you didn’t respond to Sharon in accounts! Read the full story on alphr.


Deliveroo Lunchboxes!

Great news if your office is located in Canary Wharf and “city” locations!  Deliveroo have extended their offering to include a £6 meal-deal lunchbox delivery service!  The team have collaborated with various restaurant partners across the capital to deliver the menus. If you don’t fall into one of the featured locations, however, don’t fret.  They plan to extend the reach over time.  You’ll never have to queue in Pret again! Read the full story on Engadget.


Phone Snooping on the Commute will be a thing of the Past

Let’s be honest…we’ve all had a sneaky peek over the shoulder of the person in front of us on the bus and had a sly glance at a text or a WhatsApp conversation…but be warned! Google has come up with a novel way to shame us into keeping our eyes (and noses!) to ourselves! Read the full story on The Next Web.


Bitcoin Rollercoaster

On Tuesday we saw the trading price of Bitcoin peak at a lofty $10,000.  There’s no ceiling though, as seasoned analysts predict that prices could reach as high as a massive $1,000,000. Read the full story on Gizmodo.

Consequently, after the price peaked at $11,000 the price then dropped down to nearer $9000 in the space of the day.


VR, AR and 3D Apps with Amazon Sumerian

AWS announces Amazon Sumerian….a platform for developers to build and host VR, AR and 3D apps quickly and with minimal coding.  By building a set of tools which make this tech easier to use, AWS hopes to bring virtual reality into the foreground and increase its accessibility.
Read the full story on Techcrunch.


Snapchat Introduces Filter Suggestions

If you have a habit of posting photos of your smashed Avo’ breakfast to your social media accounts then Snapchat has your back!  The social media platform has just got smarter, as they release new tech which can apply object recognition to your photos, and suggest filters accordingly.  As it stands, images of your pets, your lunch and your holiday can all receive the Snap treatment….it’s pretty fun Try it out yourself by just swiping left and right! Read the full story on The Verge.


Arianna Huffington’s Thrive had $120 million valuation

Last year, Arianna Huffington, HuffPost Founder and Uber board member launched Thrive Global, a startup dedicated to reducing stress and improving the wellness of the American people.  This week it was announced that Thrive has secured a $30 million funding round at a $120 million valuation in order to scale its business. Read the full story on Techcrunch.


YouTube “Reels” – Another ‘feature borrow’ off Snapchat

YouTube is testing “Reels”- a concept reminiscent of the stories features which Instagram and Snapchat have made a daily feature of social networking practice.  Currently, Reels are being tested amongst a select group the site’s creators.  The company are yet to reveal when the new format will be more widely rolled out. Read the full story on The Verge.


Instagram “Regram” Feature – Marketer’s are Going to Love this!

Instagram is testing a number of new features which will be a welcome addition to their portfolio.  Among them, a Regram button and an integration with WhatsApp.  Our Instagram experience will be altogether more streamlined in the near future, however, brace yourself…marketers are coming. Read the full story on Engadget.


Meet your Office Assistant for the Future – Alexa

Amazon announced at their Re:Invent conference that they want you to take Alexa to work with you. ‘Alexa for Business’ will come with specific skills for the workplace including the ability to authenticate multiple people in one place. But can he/she/it multi-task like Google? Read the full story on Engadget.


A Catch up on the GDPR-pocalypse 

GDPR is coming and there is a lot of data that needs to be sorted out on our CRM systems. Get some insights off Age UK, Balfour Beatty, and IBM on how to handle this tricky legislation. Read the full story on 


Twitter Make Smart Move for Developing World Market Share

Twitter Lite is being rolled out to 24 new countries. After a successful launch in the Philipines, that resulted in a 50% increase in tweets, Twitter Lite will make the platform readily available for those who are not privileged enough to have fast internet speeds in their native countries. Read the full story on Techcrunch.






Written by Tony Parish

Tony Parish

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