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Danny Birks

Co-Founder and Director, Digital

Let's get social

What do you do?

I ensure that everyone at Ignite Digital Talent brings our brand values to life. I focus on building great relationships with both clients and candidates whilst also unearthing the best digital marketing professionals and opportunities on the market.

And after hours?

I am often found walking my dog, listening to music and spending far too much time on social media.

What led you to Ignite Digital Talent?

Having the opportunity to be a part of something exciting in a sector that I love, working with some amazingly talented people and building an agency that lives and breathes the sector it recruits within every single day.

My specialities are:

SEO, PPC, Paid Social, Content, Social Media, Web Analytics, Programmatic Advertising, Adtech, Digital Strategists and Digital Project Managers.

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