It can be difficult when it is time to take on the role of ‘hiring manager’ for some of your vacancies. Maybe you have a nascent HR function, or you have a talent acquisition team that just doesn’t understand your current vacancy. The result: not enough great candidates at interview or perhaps too many poor candidates taking up your time. As digital, data, and tech talent acquisition specialists, we have combined our efforts and come up with some useful content for you, the hiring manager, to help you out at this current time.

Talent Acquisition

Top Tips for Writing Job Adverts that Convert

Employer Branding

Employer Branding Infographic

Working with a Recruitment Agency

How to get the Best Results from your Digital Recruitment Partner

What APSCo Accreditation Means to Ignite Digital Talent

Skills Specific

UK Edtech Recruitment: The Most In Demand Skills

Big Data Skills Gap, According to IBM Report

Big Data & Talent Acquisition Infographic

Bristol Specific

Silicon Gorge: a Great Place for Digital Employers



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