It’s job hunting time! Time to update your CV and get back on the interview circuit. Searching for a new job is a fulltime job in itself. Make that job easier with our guide that will guide you all the way from the search, through the interviews and up to the offer…

Whether you’re Looking for a Digital, Data or Technology role, we can help. At Ignite Digital Talent we are expert recruiters in digital, data and tech. We are happy to help you out in your job search and share with you some of the knowledge we’ve accrued over many years of top-level recruitment for some of the most prominent and innovative organisations in the UK and Europe. We can help you every step of the way…

Get noticed by recruiters

LinkedIn is by far the largest professional social network in the world, why not make yourself more visible to both in-house out agency recruiters by having a look at our 7 Ways to get Noticed by Recruiters on LinkedIn.

Job hunting CV writing tips 

The chances are that you are going to need a CV if you are going to land the best job possible in your next career move.

The CV is often the first touchpoint that you have with a prospective employer. It is your chance to make a great first impression and the passport to that all-important first-stage interview.

Our tips for creating a well-formatted CV

A badly formatted CV can be a massive turn off for the hiring manager reading it, make sure you get the basics right. CLICK HERE.

5 tips for creating a storytelling CV 

Your CV should be engaging – humans by their very nature love stories. So why not make an impact with a storytelling CV that really grabs the attention of the hiring manager and makes you an absolute MUST for the first stage interview. If you want to unleash the power of a storytelling CV on your job search then CLICK HERE.  

CV writing tips: digital marketing CV 

If you are a digital marketer, then this could be the specialist article for you. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Top 10 CV writing tips for a great CV

CLICK HERE for our Top 10 tips.

Job Hunting Interview tips

Interview tips: how to research an employer beforehand

Your future prospective employer is going to expect you to know a bit about them before your first interview. If you have not done your research before the interview, the consequences could be catastrophic for your job prospects. Don’t get caught out – here is our guide to researching an employer.

Phone interview tips for acing your next interview 

The phone interview is usually the first interview stage of any recruitment process. Quite often this is a way for the hiring manager to go over your CV and get to know you a bit more.

Succeed at the 1st stage interview CLICK HERE to learn more. 

Here are some more interview tips you might find useful:

👉 Interview Tips: How to Get Your Dream Job

👉 Interview Tips: How to Make a Good Impression

👉 4 Interview Tips for Mastering Tech Interviews

Interview tips: 7 questions not to ask 

Everyone knows that it is good to ask questions in a job interview, as long as they are not the wrong ones. Give yourself the best chance of success and whatever you do, don’t ask these seven questions.

We’re digital, data and tech specialists…

Because of our specialisation, we have some great content on specific areas that may be of interest to you if you work in digital, data, or tech:

👉 Edtech Jobs UK: Looking for a Career in Edtech?

👉 Data Science Jobs: How to Get One After Graduation

Just one more thing… 

Companies are increasingly looking at candidates’ social media profiles, so if you think there might be anything inappropriate on yours, then please follow our guidance on cleaning up your social media image for employers.

👉Social Media Job Search Infographic


About the author: I ensure that everyone at Ignite Digital Talent brings our brand values to life. I focus on building great relationships with both clients and candidates whilst also unearthing the best digital marketing professionals and opportunities on the market.

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