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Network Engineering jobs

The Need for Network Engineering Professionals

While some people worry that the Network Engineering jobs will die out due to automation, it does not seem to be the case – no data supports this claim so far. While the industry may evolve, it is unlikely that human talent will be replaced by machines altogether. The key to success is flexibility and adjusting to the changes in the market.

Network Engineering Jobs: Skills, Tools and Experience in Demand

Teamwork will be the most important soft skill to demonstrate on your CV. You should also be able to show you’re a good communicator able to translate technical jargon. Tech-wise, you need to know a couple of network types (LANs, MANs, WANs, WLANs, GANs) and be able to administer and maintain them. It is essential that you are able to work towards industry and company best practices and standards. To stand out from the pack, it would be good for you to show that you are familiar with application flows, SDN, DNS functionalities and network automation.

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