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IT Security jobs

The Need for IT Security Professionals

Ransomware attacks and other such cybersecurity breaches are a real threat to business operations. 2017 was ‘The Year of the Hacker’ and the demand for IT security professionals does not look like it is going to diminish…ever. The proliferation of the ‘internet of things’, or more accurately, “the internet of everything” means that there will be more vulnerabilities in the technological landscape for hackers to exploit. Demand for security specialists is only going to increase – meaning more cybersecurity job opportunities!

IT Security Jobs: Skills, Tools and Experience in Demand

To be competitive searching for IT security jobs, you should be able that you are capable of project management and critical thinking. Good teamwork and communication skills will be essential, too.

In terms of the technical side, it will be advantageous for you to demonstrate you know Cloud Security Architecture, IoT security, data management and analytics, penetration testing, ethical hacking and intrusion detection, DevSecOps.

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