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IT Infrastructure jobs

The Need for IT Infrastructure Engineers

IT Infrastructure is a broad field (hardware, software, network, meatware). We’ve been able to watch ongoing digital transformation across all industries – and IT infrastructure is the foundation of it. Modern IT infrastructure reduces costs and improves effectiveness and efficiency, so the demand for IT Infrastructure talent remains strong. There is a particular demand for contractors – which gives an opportunity for much more lucrative salary.

IT Infrastructure Jobs: Skills, Tools and Experience in Demand

Depending on what area of IT infrastructure you specialise in, the desired skillset will vary. Generally speaking, you should be a team player with good communications skills. It would be good for you to demonstrate strategic acumen.

Here is a list of skills and tools that will be specific to your niche: server administration and configuration (Windows 2012/2016), remote desktop services (Citrix, Microsoft), private/public cloud concepts (Azure, Private Cloud), knowledge of networking and communications protocols (Ethernet, switching, TCP/IP, Subnetting, ARP, DHCP, Spanning Tree), understanding of dynamic routing protocol (Cisco, Juniper).

It is advantageous to get qualifications such as Citrix accreditation, Microsoft qualification, ITFL Foundation qualification, CCNA/JNCIA or CCNP/JNCIS qualification.

Can’t see suitable IT infrastructure roles? Submit your CV here and one of our consultants will get in touch with you – we are always on a lookout for exceptional IT infrastructure engineers!

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