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The Need for eCommerce Specialists

eCommerce has caused a great deal of disruption to traditional industries. Amazon is the new supermarket. Rightmove is the new estate agent. the new travel agent. Thereupon, the path to purchase often begins and ends online. This buying behaviour is likely to extend into the future making your role as an eCommerce marketer vital.

eCommerce Jobs: Skills, Tools and Experience in Demand

Undoubtedly Chatbots and the use of AI to increase on-site customer experience could be a very good string to your bow here. Essentially, eCommerce is all about conversions so demonstrable examples of how you have achieved this. So write down on your CV how you have exceeded targets and metrics and hiring managers will be very interested in talking with you. Some of the tools that you should be familiar with: Magento, Shopify, Zendesk and Zendesk Chat, Optimizely, Google Adwords, Kissmetrics.

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