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Data Science jobs

The Need for Data Scientists 

Data is the lifeblood of many a tech company. Not just the gathering of data but cleaning that data and getting the most out of it. That’s where your job as a data scientist comes in.     

Data Science Jobs: Skills, Tools and Experience in Demand 

Demonstratable professional experience using Python and R will always be a welcome addition to any data science CV. It can always help to have something up on Github as well! 

Data Science is one of the few roles we recruit for where our clients ask for some kind of post-graduate qualification. MSc is normally a minimum requirement. A PhD, however, will put you in high demand.  

You should have an abundance of data science jobs to choose from if you have Python coding skills, experience with large data sets, a PhD and a couple of years professional experience – you should move to London. 

If you can’t find suitable Data Science Jobs, submit your CV here and we will be in touch. We are always on a lookout for exceptional Data Scientists!

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