Being prepared for your interview is a must. It enables you to have a meaningful conversation with your potential employer, demonstrates that you are truly interested in the job, and helps you decide whether it’s really the place for you. What are the resources you can use to research a company, and how can you do it?

To help you prepare, here are our interview tips for how to research a company before an interview:

Company’s blog

When it comes to how to research a company, their blog is the best place to go. Head straight to the company website and find the “About Us” section.  This is a goldmine of information.  Get clued up about what the company do, how they differ from their competitors, and what their goals are.  The “Team” section will give you insights into their company culture, and guide you with regard to ethos.  For example, if the team are casually dressed, your interview may not require a suit and tie!

Social media profiles

It is rare to discover a company in the digital age who does not have any social media presence.  Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest will give you a ‘fly on the wall’ perspective into office life and the “human” aspect behind the corporate veneer.  For more professional insight, LinkedIn is your go-to social media platform.  The company page will give you an idea about the size of the corporation, while the profile page of your interviewer will indicate any commonalities you can use during the interview.  Do you share connections for example, or did you attend the same university?  Common ground is a great icebreaker!

The recruiter

Here at Ignite Digital Talent we always build a strong relationship with the companies we recruit for, and we can provide a unique insight into the history, style, and culture of a business. Don’t be afraid to ask any details regarding hiring practices, future plans, company dress code, or information about the person who is interviewing you. We will help you to be a well-prepared candidate for the job.

Last minute news

The big day has finally arrived.  While you’re on your way, use your smartphone and do a last little bit of research. Check Google News for the latest news about the company.  They may just have launched a new product, opened a new office or hired a new CEO. If it’s a small company, take a last look at their social media accounts to stay up to date. During the job interview, mentioning one of the big changes that just happened can really impress.

The receptionist

Once you arrive at reception, introduce yourself and let the receptionist know you have arrived. To make the most of those endless minutes, why not try to grab some information from the receptionist? If she’s not too busy, she may appreciate a chance to talk – and chatting with somebody can be a great way for you to relax!
What do you like best about working here? How long has the company been in this building? How many people work here? These type of questions are the perfect start to interesting follow-up conversations.

If you are looking for great advice and resources to assist you in your job hunt, then you can’t go far wrong with our Job Hunting Resources. We hope this content will help you at every stage as you embark on your next career move.


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About the author: As a founder of Ignite Digital Talent, I lead our brilliant team to ensure we deliver time and time again for our clients. I also stay closely networked with industry influencers to ensure we are well placed to understand the issues and challenges our clients face.

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