The Google For Jobs UK launch is coming!

The exact Google For Jobs UK release date seems to be a bit of a mystery. However, unofficially, the product is up and working in the UK already — you just have to make some browser tweaks to experience this potentially disruptive platform first hand.

What is “Google For Jobs”?

Google For Jobs is a new way in which Google are displaying and productizing the structured data in the Google SERPs…

Put simply: it is a search engine specifically for job vacancies.

What makes this product superior to the other job hunting offerings out there will be how Google will provides the most relevant search results to the user based upon their previous search preferences.

I have given it a test drive myself. Google For Jobs will surely change the future of the job search. Its slick and intuitive user interface will be a breath of fresh air for job hunters.

So when exactly is the Google For Jobs UK launch date?

As of the latest update of this post (20/6/18) Google For Jobs is still yet to be released in the UK and there is no official release date.

However, there have been reports in some recruitment circles that some of the structured schema data has been appearing in the SERPs.

Essentially all the data is there and ready to use in the UK right now, you just have to make a few browser tweaks to access Google’s latest job searching product!

Use Google For Jobs to go job hunting on your mobile right now!

You can effortlessly skim through and save jobs on your mobile right now if you follow these quick and easy instructions (assuming that you are a chrome user).

This is so easy you can do it on your morning commute!

Step 1: Open up the options pane on your Google mobile browser.

Currently when searching for jobs in the UK Google brings you the usual SERPs dominated by Indeed. Google For Jobs is about to change a few things.

Google For Jobs UK Mobile Step 1

Step 2: Enter the Google settings menu.

Google For Jobs UK Mobile Step 2

Step 3: Press the drop-down menu that is currently set to the UK.

Google For Jobs UK Mobile Step 3

Step 4: Select “United States” as the new region for your search results.

Google For Jobs UK Mobile Step 4

Step 5: Start looking for your next job opportunity on Google For Jobs!

Google For Jobs UK Mobile Step 5

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If you gave this little Google For Jobs hack a try then please let me know what you think below…

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