If recruitment and building your team is on your agenda then it makes sense to get things done a bit faster and a bit better. For this reason, we have put together our top 5 recruitment tactics and hacks that will make your life as a hiring manager that much easier.

Recruitment Tactic #1: Prepare for Google For Jobs (when it launches in the UK).

Google For Jobs

Google for Jobs (GFJ) has already launched in the USA (and will be launching in the UK this year!) allowing organisations’ jobs to be easily found through Google search.

By changing your geolocation to the USA in Google Chrome, you should be able to have a preview and play around with the functionality of GFJ.

Take a look and you’ll see that it really is going to be a disruptive game changer!

Getting a piece of GFJ action is pretty straightforward. Job vacancy data just needs to be structured in a specific way with the required fields filled out.

Potential benefits of GFJ for employers are:

    • More applicants. You’ll receive a heightened position in search results for your vacancy if structured data guidelines are followed.
    • Cuts out the middlemen. The barriers of asymmetric information advantage will be lowered, meaning a reduction in fees to the middlemen such as recruiters.
    • More motivated and relevant applicants. Thanks to the improved search function. Google has even addressed inconsistencies across industries such as discrepancies with keywords and job titles to ensure that candidates are applying to only those jobs they have a genuine interest in.
    • Higher conversions. Your job vacancy has an increased chance of discovery and therefore subsequent conversions.

GFJ is coming to the UK so there is a good chance here to implement the recruitment tactics that will really get you ahead in ‘the war for talent’.

Take Action:

1) Get ahead of the competition: by making a quick change on your browser settings you can see exactly how GFJ works.
2) Make sure your webmaster or in-house SEO know about the GFJ Schema and how to implement it, the implementation can be done easily enough with Google Tag Manager.

Recruitment Tactic #2: Use a job board aggregator.

ziprecruiter logo

Using a job board aggregator is one of the best recruitment tactics you can implement. When discussing Job Board Aggregators, there are a few which leap to the forefront of our minds.

We use Broadbean to post our jobs out to the best job boards all at the same time. Aggregators save us loads of time. Instead of writing different job adverts for different platforms you just need to write one. Simple.

ZipRecruiter is a job board aggregator that is worth a look. ZipRecruiter started as a tool to help smaller businesses distribute affordable job postings.

They have since grown, and claim to be the number 1 job-related search app on both IOS and Android.

They live by their strapline; “We’re Helping People Find Great Jobs, and Helping Employers Build Great Companies”. as they hold over 40 million job alert email subscribers and hosting some 7 million monthly job seekers.

Amongst their one million customers are some impressive tech names: Amazon, PayPal, Apple, HP and Microsoft.

Take Action:

ZipRecruiter lets you set up a free account so why not give it a go? get started on ZipRecruiter.

Recruitment Tactic #3: Use an applicant tracking system.

Using an applicant tracking system (ATS) is a great recruitment hack.

ATSs allow you to source and manage your candidates, their CVs and job applications via one online portal.

Workable is an ATS worth taking a look at. By using Workable you will be in good company as they work with some big names such as Deliveroo, IBM, Zapier and Porsche.

Workable has great functionality and allows:

  • Job posting
  • Candidate sourcing through an advanced talent CRM system
  • Employee referrals
  • Team collaboration…even allowing you to invite external recruitment partners to submit worthy candidates
  • Social recruiting…the integration of social networks to your job search

Take Action:

Have a look at the different ATSs available out there. For more information, the best ATSs have been reviewed here by PC Mag.

Recruitment Tactic #4: Your network is your net worth.

Apple iPhone 6s plus Showing Linkedin application on the screen.

LinkedIn boasts 500+ million members and has a gargantuan reach in terms of accessing potential employees.

The organic engagement on LinkedIn is also above and beyond any other social media platform out there.

Target customer + great organic reach/engagement = a must use platform!

While it seems obvious to suggest that you use LinkedIn to accelerate your recruitment processes, there are certainly recruitment tactics that can be implemented to make the most of your efforts.

Connect with those that look like they might fit your upcoming vacancies. Chances are you already know what a good team member looks like on LinkedIn. Why not reach out with a connection in advance so that you have candidates to approach straight away when it’s time to grow. Make sure to always add a note to the connection so they know the context of the invite.

Give a regular shout out to your network. We have seen hiring managers getting lots of referrals through a LinkedIn ‘shout out’. It is well worth setting this up as a regular LinkedIn post several times a week.

This is a quick and easy thing to do with a social media management tool such as HootSuite or Buffer.

Take Action:

Start posting content on LinkedIn. Get a piece of that sweet LinkedIn engagement! For some good advice on gaining LinkedIn traction have a look at this article here.

Recruitment Tactic #5: Speak to Ignite Digital Talent.

Sometimes there are no shortcuts. But you can put someone else in charge of the recruitment tactics.

If ‘time-to-hire’ and ‘time-to-hire’ are causing you problems then filling out the form below could be a great tactical move for your recruitment objectives.

Having recruitment experts in your corner when it comes to growing your team will be the ultimate win. Why not get in touch…?

Take Action:

About the author: I ensure that everyone at Ignite Digital Talent brings our brand values to life. I focus on building great relationships with both clients and candidates whilst also unearthing the best digital marketing professionals and opportunities on the market.

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