Digital Transformation in Charities is gaining momentum…

A couple of weeks ago, Eduserv released their new report, “Engineers for change: Why finance teams must drive the digital agenda.”

It is a detailed analysis of the digital transformation taking place in the charitable sector. Although they only surveyed finance leaders, the study gives a few very interesting insights. One of the first thing that stood out was the shift in the way that charities perceive tech and digital. Eduserv’s survey in 2016 found that 95% charities had no plans to develop the digital capability of their people. In 2018, 59% of charities have a digital strategy in place.

…however, more needs to be done.

As Information Age points out, even though the bulk of UK charities understand the role that digital must play in delivering better services and outcomes for charity beneficiaries, most still need to rethink and asses their current digital strategy.

The study also found that charities need better digital champions to execute digital transformation. While digital transformations are more common, many charities fail to adopt them across the whole organisation.

Finance teams as the facilitators of change

Eduserv’s study strongly suggests that finance departments are well-placed to enable holistic digital transformation. Indeed, the respondents of the study claim that their business acumen and financial skills would improve the success and pace of digital change in their organisations. Furthermore, the research proposes that for finance teams to champion digital transformations, they themselves must undergo a change. Specifically, Eduserv points out that to support the efficiency of their organisations as a whole, they need to introduce agile working. Therefore, (digital) processes can be improved.


What are your thoughts? Do you believe that charities need to put greater emphasis on digital transformations?


If your organisation is undergoing (or planning to undergo) a digital transformation and you need help, get in touch with me. I’ve built plenty of digital teams – some of my clients include Shelter and Vinspired.

About the author: I aspire to help clients connect the dots by offering an extensive and honest experience. I am passionate about digital and in prior roles have assisted C level executives to overcome the challenges posed by a fast-moving, disruptive business environment – I believe that people and not solely technology is imperative in instilling forward-thinking, sustainable business development.

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