Best Data Science Blogs to Follow – Introduction

Data Science is enjoying a well documented and undeniable boom of nuclear proportions. Companies across all areas of the industry are undergoing a digital transformation. Those in the know understand that it is data which will propel their business forward and drive success.  

Step forward the elusive Data Scientist: those professionals who have the skills to not only implement data-driven transformation but are also able to analyse large data sets and communicate those invaluable insights.

This mushroom cloud has meant that Data Scientists can enjoy a wealth of online resource and industry best practice guidance. A quick Google search of ‘Data Science blogs’ pulls up a mere 451 million results! With so many to choose from it’s difficult to know where to start, let alone identify those which will be worth your perusal.  

In an effort to help, we’ve narrowed it down. Here is Ignite Digital’s list of 10 best data science blogs to follow!

Data Science Central

Data Science Central is one of the most comprehensive websites for data professionals. From AI, DL and ML, to statistics, analytics and data visualisation, DSC covers it all. It’s not just a blog with interesting articles though – it also offers podcasts and webinars, as well as membership groups.

A great read for: big data practitioners and data science geeks


Twitter: @DataScienceCtrl

No Free Hunch (Kaggle)

best data science blogs to follow 2019 logo kaggle

No Free Hunch is the official blog from Kaggle; the online community from Google for Data Scientists and Machine Learners.  Data enthusiasts can head here for MeetUp info, industry news, tutorials and more. Data professionals can add their own projects and learn from those of others.  This blog houses regularly updated fun content; current articles include How to Teach an AI to Dance and Taylor Swift Lyric Exploration!

A great read for: Data lovers looking to learn, upskill and build a network – Kaggle is the world’s largest online community of data scientists.


Twitter: @kaggle

KD Nuggets

If you are a data scientist with a passion for Machine Learning, Data Mining, Big Data, Analytics or AI; KD Nuggets needs to be your GO TO.  This comprehensive blog is a one-stop shop full of news, insights and industry opinions. It houses a library of data sets for industry enthusiasts and outlines learning opportunities for data professionals across the world.  Can’t get to any of these? Not a problem…KD Nuggets hosts webinars led by some of the biggest names from across the industry; IBM, Intel and Deloitte among them.

A great read for: data science pros with a love for AI, Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science, and Machine Learning.


Twitter: @kdnuggets


best data science blogs to follow 2019 inside big data logo

insideBIGDATA is a news outlet site which looks to break down the news, strategies, products and services in the world of Big Data for data scientists as well as IT and business professionals. It is written and edited by big data professionals with the help of readers and guest contributors. Inside BIGDATA offers special reports and the inside scoop on topics across the industry including Big Data, Cloud, Analytics, Data Storage, Hadoop, Visualisation and more. With a range or resources including industry perspectives, job postings and a podcast; data scientists and business professionals can stay up to date with the latest from across the world of Big Data.

A great read for: big data, data science, AI, machine learning, and deep learning enthusiasts.  


Twitter: @insideBigData

Data Science 101

The brainchild of Ryan Swamstrom, Data Science 101 is a blog dedicated toward the fine-tuning of data science skills.  Launched in 2012, it is a go-to for all those looking to develop or launch a career in data science. It is an easily navigable, informative blog full of advice, guidance, (free) resource and industry news.   To give you a brief idea of the content covered, Ryan offers both articles and learning material; “Getting your first job in Data Science” and “Foundations of Data Science – free book”, for example.

Eager data scientists wishing to contribute can…Ryan offers occasional sponsored post contributions and Guest Post opportunities for data scientists who have created interesting open source projects or those who wish to host informative tutorials.

A great read for: All data science enthusiasts.  Whether you are a rookie or an old pro, there is something for everyone!


Twitter: @ryanswanstrom


best data science blogs to folow 2019 dataconomy logo

Dataconomy has 18.5 followers of their Twitter account; with just a quick trip to the site, it’s easy to see why!  The home page alone is a “where do I start” wealth of articles and news from the data-driven technology space. A veritable treasure trove of articles covering a host of data science innovations from AI to Big Data to IoT designed with both data professionals and hiring companies in mind.   The site has a focus on both industry giants and disruptive startups, looking at only the most interesting tech trends and applications of data technology. Visitors to the site can subscribe to the weekly Dataconomy newsletter, receiving all of this and more directly to their inbox!

A great read for: Data enthusiasts from across the entire ecosystem.  Hiring managers looking to attract and retain the best talent the data space has to offer should also head here to stay ahead of the competition.


Twitter: @DataconomyMedia

Data Science for Social Good

The Data Science for Social Good Fellowship was launched in 2013 at the University of Chicago.  Amongst their good works, they also find time to run a blog designed to help data scientists “tackle problems that really matter”.  Data scientists can head here to read, learn and share ideas. Clicking on the “projects” link topping the website, visitors to the site can select from a wide range of contributions around some fascinating and diverse subjects.   There is also a Resources tab.  Here, a click to the Code button takes visitors to the Data Science for Social Good GitHub page. A definite head to if the use of data for social good is your passion!

A great read for: Enthusiasts with a drive to use data for social good.  


Twitter: @datascifellows

Revolution Analytics

Revolution Analytics’ ‘Revolutions’ blog is dedicated to news and information that will be of interest to the R community.  Although launched in 2008, Revolutions is now run, maintained and hosted by Software giants, Microsoft. You won’t get a more up to date publication…Revolutions is updated every working day with contributions from a variety of industry-leading authors.  

The categories it covers span the alphabet…quite literally!  A browse down the right-hand side of your screen lists the subjects in a foolproof, easy to navigate alphabetised format, meaning that you won’t find it difficult to locate your area of interest or development need.

While this blog may not look slick, what it lacks in snazzy graphics and impressive interface it more than makes up for in content.  So whether you are on the hunt for AI news or the latest in stats, you won’t be disappointed. With links to other R sites and a host of learning resources, this is a blog that R professionals cannot afford to miss.

A great read for: Members of the R community looking for a 360, A-Z take on their industry.  


Twitter: @RevolutionR or follow blog editor David Smith here @revodavid


codementor logo

On the surface, Codementor are an online platform providing instant 1 on 1 help for software developers.  They utilise screen sharing, video and text chat to replicate the experience of having a personal mentor to satisfy any coding need.  Codementors’ heavily vetted and experienced mentors guide users through issues such as code reviewing, debugging and online programming.

Hit the ‘Learning Centre’ tab at the top of their page though and you are delivered to the Codementor blog.  This allows readers to navigate through a collection of relevant and informative posts around tech and software engineering trends, start-up advice and business analysis.  The content is updated regularly, ensuring that data professionals with an interest in code can stay ahead of the game and keep up with current trends.

A great read for: data professionals with a thirst for information across the broader ecosystem or those looking to tiptoe into the world of coding.  


Twitter: @CodementorIO


datafloq logo

Promoting themselves as being the “one-stop source for big data”, Datafloq offer information, insight and opportunities to drive innovation with big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies.  Visitors to the blog have access to a wide variety of high quality written content, can locate big data and technology vendors, post jobs or hunt down data talent.

The content is diverse, spanning subjects across the entire data ecosystem.  Visitors can peruse across articles discussing industry trends; AR for example, right through to how data professionals can deploy technical skills to help manage large data sets.

A great read for: those data professionals who love to take a macro and micro approach to the world of data.


Twitter: @Datafloq


Have we missed any best data science blogs out?  Always eager to learn and share we’d welcome any links to those Data Science blogs you may subscribe to, or find useful.  As always, please leave your suggestions in the comments below!

And, if you are looking for a new job in data science, get in touch with us!


About the author: As a founder of Ignite Digital Talent, I lead our brilliant team to ensure we deliver time and time again for our clients. I also stay closely networked with industry influencers to ensure we are well placed to understand the issues and challenges our clients face.

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