This Week in Digital 14/7/2017

Written by Tony Parish 14/07/2017

Tony Parish

We round up the week’s biggest stories across data, marketing and tech…

Bupa Scandal as Employee Deletes Customer Data


Bupa revealed on Wednesday that an employee had accessed, copied and deleted some customers’ data from their systems. Over 100,000 international health insurance policies have been affected – with names, dates of birth, nationalities, and certain contact information all being included in the data taken. Bupa made the announcement via a video posted to YouTube.

In an attempt to minimise the publicity of the incident, Bupa has uploaded the video as ‘unlisted’, meaning users must have a direct link to the video to watch it. Whilst Bupa has stated that the employee involved has been suspended and that a full investigation is underway, the incident does raise significant questions into way Bupa grants access to data to its employees. The data privacy watchdogs at the Information Commissioner’s Office have said they are looking into the incident

Prepare Yourself – Ads Are Coming to Messenger

 Facebook Messenger Advertising

Facebook makes 84% of its money from mobile ads. So really, it shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone when Facebook announced this week that ads are coming to its popular Messenger mobile app. Some users of the communications app, of which there are 1.2 billion currently, will soon begin to see branded messages on its home tab.

Facebook had already been testing Messenger ads in Australia and Thailand, but announced on Tuesday that these would now be rolled out globally. Tapping an advert can bring up a specific web page or open a conversation with the business – it’s up to the advertiser to decide which happens. Last month, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg told shareholders that he believed Messenger would become “big business” within 5 years – ads are certainly a step in that direction

Google Gives UK Tech a Vote of Confidence


Google gives a pre-Brexit Britain their vote of confidence with the opening of the Google Cloud Platform that will now run applications and store data in London.

Google’s decision to choose London for its latest Google Cloud Region is another vote of confidence in our world-leading digital economy and proof Britain is open for business. It’s great, but not surprising, to hear they’ve picked the UK because of the huge demand for this type of service from the nation’s firms. Earlier this week the Digital Evolution Index named us among the most innovative digital countries in the world and there has been a record £5.6bn investment in tech in London in the past six months.”

— Karen Bradley, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

The move by Google will improve the customer experience of their current offering in the UK with significant reductions in latency Testing shows 40%-82% reductions in round-trip time latency when serving customers from London compared with the Belgium region.

Sounds like some great progress has been made in the UK tech scene this week!

Elon Musk Launches…


By his own admission it is a little light on content at the moment (albeit) sarcastically:

Afterall, is just an x on a blank webpage.

The link between and Elon Musk harks back to 1999 when the site was an online financial services platform (that later merged with Confinity to become Paypal).

‘The internet’ has been speculating about how will be used…a SpaceX rebrand? Or just sentimental value? Whatever Elon chooses to use it for we’re sure it’s going to be interesting!

Written by Tony Parish

Tony Parish

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